QCBackup is an advanced client/server-based cloud and on-premise backup solution. With advanced AES 256bit encryption protocols, it ensures the confidentiality and integrity of your information during transmission and storage. With a full-feature set, we are able to provide complete coverage for your business.

Let us keep your business safe from data loss, hackers and ransomware.
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Our comprehensive backup solution enables your business to securely backup, access and recover your data seamlessly. QCBackup has modules which will backup Microsoft 365, VMware, Hyper-V, MS Exchange, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and more…

Central Management

Our portal offers a one-stop location for monitoring and managing backup, restore activities and reporting. The comprehensive system logs also provide a clear audit trail to satisfy compliance requirements.

Data Deduplication

Our data deduplication identifies and eliminates duplicate copies of data within your backup system. Optimising your storage space and improving the overall efficiency in your Online Backup experience. By saving storage space, this translates into potentially significant savings in storage costs.


Our AES 256-bit data encryption, and two-factor authentication (2FA) keep your backup data totally secure from hackers and ransomware. All files are encoded during the backup process and then transferred to our secure cloud storage

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is now supported as part of the Microsoft 365 backup module. Ensuring entire chat history and files shared during chats including one-to-one messages, group messages, and group mailbox messages are securely backed up.

Immutable Backup

Immutable backup ensures that once your data is written to our backup repository, it cannot be altered, deleted, or tampered with. Protecting your data against Ransomware / Hackers / Human error. Immutable backup also allows your business to comply with regulatory or legal requirements, proving historical backup data is authentic as its unchanged.

Data Integrity Check

The integrity of your backup data is critical. With a post-backup check, we verify all data transferred is correct. Weekly integrity checks ensure your data is healthy and safe for a smooth recovery should you need it.